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We opened our doors on Lower Street, Haslemere back in 2015 and we have been creating & forming 'artists' since. Helping you to make lasting memories with your little ones, parties, baby showers, cake club, valentines, late night openings and even hen does.


For all the budding artists young and old who visited our studio, you can continue and you can still have a special place where your creative juices can flow freely; whether that be in the comfort of your home, garden, school, club or even take it away with you on holiday.


We are dedicated to you, our 'artists' and we can provide you with all the appropriate tools and instructions you would need to still create memories.



My Story

After growing up in the potteries (Stoke-on-Trent), surrounded by pot banks, it just had to be. I guess my main love of ceramics began when I started working as a majolica painter. Gained my skills from Phoenix Tile Studio many moons ago.

My claim to sort of fame, in the tile industry, is the tiled underpass by Southampton's football stadium and also tiles for St John's Wood plus many more to choose. 

After 8 years there and made redundant, I moved down South and went in a completely different direction of community caring and working within the NHS hospitals.

Along came my eldest and we moved further South into Hampshire. 

Fast forward to 3 maybe 4 years ago and came upon this lil pottery shop that was looking for a studio assistant. Slightly different to my majolica days but its pottery whats not to love.

Every 2 years I donate my hair to The Little Princess Trust 

Random not very interesting facts: I hate shopping and would prefer a football match to shopping

I think my thumbs are double jointed as they bend the wrong way



I soon became manager of the shop, learning as I went along, thrown in at the deep end as it were. Seeing everyone's faces with their finished pieces is just priceless, knowing they've made memories aswell as a unique and possibly one of a kind piece.

Now to a year ago (2020) and making the heart breaking decision to close the much loved shop, so we could still continue and bring you our services and to completely rebuild at home to continue within the community of Haslemere and surrounding.

You'll now find me door step drops with the littlest in tow and some times the eldest as well, dressing up in inflatables to entertain during lock-down but most importantly finding places to pop up and bring you our bisque pieces plus bringing new ideas too, then there is hiding in 'the shed' to my happy creative place.

We love being out and about, taking in the scenery, greeting new and our regular 'Happy Hands Family' and bringing you your completed master pieces. 

See you soon





To ensure that the arts remain strong and to offer our now shop in a box, whether its for team building, parties, clubs, schools, homes plus much more, to all levels and most importantly making those unique and lasting memories. We are determined to continue bringing the Haslemere community and surrounding areas our services, like you welcomed us at Lower Street.

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