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Party Teapot

Post Outs



Baby/Toddler/Pet Prints





For any age

You can either take the party kit & do it yourself or we can pop along to run it (yes we tidy up after too) Pottery painting or clay


Schools/ clubs/ groups

School project made a little more fun.

Mummy groups for hand and foot prints.

Youth group gatherings with some crafts, we can have you covered.


Birthday treat, Christening, Teacher's gift from the whole class, Christmas plate, Retirement gift or just to brighten someone's day. (see also commissions page)

'Hug hearts' ready made or a kit, you choose and we can drop or post it out for you.

Balloons Hanging in the Street
Birthday Present

We can't all be a modern day Picasso, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give one of our parties a shot. All of our parties focus on the participants having fun with their piece and maybe trying different techniques out, with our book of ideas and knowledge we've gained over the years I'm sure we can help you. What is even better is our parties are for any age.

We can offer the choice of pottery or clay play as a party.

Various options available and if you have a budget too we can usually work to that.

- Our parties can be with or without a host.

- With a Party host usually lasts around 1hr 30mins- birthday gift for the birthday person included too.

- Use of all glazes and equipment

-- *New - stuck in lockdown or your bubble, don't let that stop a party, we can distribute our kits out individually or box them individually for you to hand out so you can do a zoom party (other platforms are available) 

- You may have a theme in mind, unicorn or pirates, we can help and track down relevant bisque/ decopatch etc

-All dropped prior to your party - without a host  

**2 weeks advanced notice so we can make sure stock is available that you require


**Options can be altered to suit

Red Couches

Hen or Stag Parties

Have you booked a cottage for the weekend and want something relaxing to do? Doing something crafty can help everyone get to know each other. Your group may wish to paint their own keepsake or paint a dinner set for the wedding couple or why not grab the clay and make something.


Zoom Parties

Parties/ gatherings can be a little different during lockdown, here's where we can help. We can hand you separate kits for you to pop out to your friends, each kit containing identical or different items inside but everything in there you could possibly need to create your master piece. If everyone in your group/ zoom is local we can drop the kits off for you. Then just connect via zoom or other platform and get your create on.

Get in touch to book your party or for more information
*Please provide as much detail as possible to help us with your party option or enquiry, thank you

Thanks for submitting! Please also check your spam/ junk folder for a response

Wall Plates

Schools / Clubs/ Groups

Bring something different to your gatherings


We've had numerous groups in the past getting creative.

Brownies, cake club, Christmas parties and even team building, to name a few. 

We've also attended local mum's groups/ NCT groups to help create hand and foot print pieces. 

We really enjoy introducing the next generation to our arty techniques. We can tailor our activities to suit school's budget and curriculum and offer any of our services.

As well as complementing the curriculum for specific key stages, we are a great option for book week, activities week or as part of a whole school project.

We can cater for charity/ fund raising events too or other events/ fairs / fetes etc

We have an event shelter now too, perfect

for the un-knowing weather and being 


Drop us a message for further details.



The list is endless for this option. A hand-made item though is always that little bit special - you have put time and effort into a gift rather than just buying something. What better way to say Thank you to someone than making them a special gift. Your piece will be totally unique and made with love.


Teacher's Gift

It's a gift filled with admiration. Your child can create something special for their teacher or maybe a whole class can create something together- a plate with each child's fingerprint along side their name., you collect the prints and we can do the rest.

Please contact us for further suggestions

Wedding, Birth plate, Christening, Special Birthday

A hand painted ceramic piece is a lovely way of celebrating and especially recording moments or events, not just for yourself but for loved ones too, such as weddings, christenings, anniversaries and those special milestone birthday. We can supply you with the relevant items for a wedding plate/ birthday etc, you get everyone to sign and we do the rest


Retirement Gift

Similar to the teacher's gift, we can commission a piece for you or if you wish to create yourself. Record that special milestone either from yourself or from a group of people. Make that retirement special with a personalised gift.

click to pop over to our commissions page for more ideas

Post It! or local drops

Would you like to gift a kit? or post out one of our 'hug hearts'? You can even send somebody a clay play kit, (as long as they are local)  If local we drop them for you at no extra cost or at a cost if posting further a field. Perfect little gift for that creative person.

Package Delivery
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