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A lovely and timeless way to record your children or pet as they are today. We have a range of pottery to choose from which include tiles, plates, mugs, cups, picture frames and trinkets. All glazes are non-toxic and completely safe.

We will help you print your little ones lil pinkies onto pottery and can advise on colour combinations and design ideas.

If you regularly meet up with other mums; why not book a baby print session. We can come to you at your home, nursery, village hall or group.

Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes.
The sweetest of smiles and a cute button nose. 
All these add up to a very special thing,
The greatest of gifts that life can bring.......

Baby Hand

Current Offer

Free Coaster print if you have had a baby or fur baby during lockdown
**Please don't expect perfection on our first attempt with paw prints- it all depends on how wiggly your pet is and how hairy those paws are. We will do our best to do their prints, however we will stop if we think your pet is unhappy or scared.

There are certain colours that work best for prints as you need enough pigment that will show up with just one coat but not so much that we can't wipe it off and start again if the print is unsuccessful.
Please do not expect perfection with hand and foot prints on the first attempt, we all love that perfect print (although the smudge here and there does kind of look cute and show your little ones character :D) your little ones can be very wriggly and its amazing how those hands/ fingers can be! We don't always recommend hand prints under the age of 8 months due to them wanting to always clench their fists tightly but we are willing to try with your support as it sometimes works best when they are asleep or even feeding

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